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Planning And Installing Solar Thermal Systems

RRP $549.99

New Edition of the Bestselling Installation Guide

Solar thermal systems available today offer efficiency and reliability. They can be applied in different conditions to meet space- and water-heating requirements in the residential, commercial and industrial building sectors. The potential for this technology and the associated environmental benefits are significant.

This fully revised bestselling guide has a substantially revised Chapter 3, and significant updates for this ever emerging technology. It offers clear guidance on planning and installing a solar thermal system, crucial to the successful uptake of this technology. All major topics for successful project implementation are included. Beginning with resource assessment and an outline of core components, it details solar thermal system design, installation, operation and maintenance for single households, large systems, swimming pool heaters, solar air and solar cooling applications.
Details on how to market solar thermal technologies, a review of relevant simulation tools and data on selected regional, national and international renewable energy programmes are also provided.

In short, the book offers comprehensive guidance for professionals who wish to install solar thermal technology and is a highly valued resource for architects and engineers alike who are working on new projects, electricians, roofers and other installers, craftsmen undertaking vocational training and anyone with a specialized and practical interest in this field.

Planning And Architectural Design Of Integrated Services Digital Networks

RRP $68.00

Planning and Architectural Design of Integrated Services Digital Networks: Civil and Military Applications provides a comprehensive treatment of ISDNs: how to plan and design them architecturally and how to implement them so that they meet certain given user requirements ranging from a variety of service demands to transmission performance, security, reliability/availability, capability for growth, interoperability with other ISDN and non-ISDN networks and, of course, cost. The book concentrates on the application of ISDN concepts and standards to the planning and design of real costed networks to meet certain specified user requirements. Where there are multiple options, considerations and rationale on the choice of network aspects and standards are discussed. The unique feature of the book, compared with other books on ISDN, is that it expounds an original methodology which starts from an assumed or given set of complete user requirements and proceeds to designing a complete network taking into account the technology and standards of ISDN, as well as some constraints including cost which may be imposed.
Planning and Architectural Design of Integrated Services Digital Networks describes computer-aided design tools employed for dimensioning the network for various traffic loads and for assessing its traffic carrying performance for assessing different precedence categories and network configurations, transmission conditions and routing algorithms which may be static-deterministic or dynamic-adaptive. Aspects such as surveillance and control, security, survivability and EMP protection are also addressed.
Planning and Architectural Design of Integrated Services Digital Networks: Civil and Military Applications is an excellent reference source and may be used as a text for advanced courses on the subject.

Estate Planning For Singles

RRP $18.99

This book is a step-by-step estate planning guide for a single person.There are individual chapters about estate plans for singles with minor children; singles with adult children; and singles without children. If you already have an estate plan, use the book to evaluate if your estate plan is up-to-date or if changes are necessary.Some of the topics included are: wills don't avoid probate; beneficiary designations supersede wills; a power of attorney terminates when you die; always name an alternate power of attorney; estate taxes (updated to reflect 2013 estate tax law); a properly funded living trust will avoid probate; how to pick an estate planning attorney; and how a living trust differs from living wills. FormsThere are no do-it-yourself legal forms, but there are 10 forms and checklists for download (included in the price of the book) which make estate planning comprehensive, efficient and easy. A Personal Note from the Author"Although I've been an estate planning and probate attorney for 30 years, I'm really in the Peace of Mind business. Once you have your affairs in order, you will have made things as easy as possible for your family and you will achieve peace of mind."


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